About Grupo SADA

Grupo SADA is a leading national company, specialised in integrated poultry farming, oriented at the traditional market, modern distribution and the Food Service. Our activity focuses on the total management of the chicken’s productive cycle, from breeders, hatcheries, fattening farms and processing plants, to the distribution of the final product.

Our aim is to be our customers’ best partner, providing him with chicken and chicken products, which are safe, healthy and nutritional, meeting the present and future demands of consumers.

Grupo SADA is the poultry processing division of the Nutreco Company in Spain, holding company of Nutreco.

Nutreco is one of the leading multi-national companies in the agri-food sector; it is part of an industry that feeds the world. It has a vast geographic scope and a diverse business and product portfolio which make it less vulnerable to the inherent risks of the agri-food sector. Its ability to transfer techniques and knowledge to other markets, regions and species, give Nutreco a competitive advantage.

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